Development of individual architectural projectsall over the world


Chernookaya Anna together with her team have developed more than 500 projects for various purposes (country houses, bath complexes, service stations, recreation centers, hotel-type houses, interior design, reconstruction of buildings and structures).

Anna Chernookaya is an architect with more than 18 years of experience. Two educations – an architect and a civil engineer. Together with her team, she worked on projects in Belarus and around the world. The main direction is modern suburban private architecture.

We design residential houses, bath complexes, recreation centers, service stations, interior design, hotel-type houses. We combine the use of the latest technologies and materials in our projects. We work all over the world. We will help you realize your dream!

Individual housing projects

We will develop for you an individual project of a house / object in a modern style. A complete set of drawings. Author’s support.

Interiors design

We will develop an interior solution that will provide convenience, ergonomics and aesthetically pleasing interaction. A complete set of drawings. Author’s support.

Reconstruction of buildings

We will carry out the reconstruction of your object in a modern style. A complete set of drawings. Author’s support.


Individual design (AR+ KR+ IS) – 30 $/m2

The layout when ordering all sections is a gift!

  • AR – Architectural solutions (5 $/m2)
  • KR – Structural solutions (15 $/m2)
  • IS – Engineering networks (VC, OV, EO)* (10 $/m2)

*(VK – water supply and sewerage, OV – heating and ventilation, EO – electrical equipment and lighting)

Interior design from 20 $/m2

Reconstruction of buildings – individual calculation.

Buildings and structures of less than 100 m2 are calculated at a cost of 100 m2.

The author’s support is negotiated individually.


Prices are given for reference. The architect reserves the right to make changes to the cost of the design.


Chernookaya Anna

Was born and lives in Minsk
1999-2003 — studies at the art school
2003-2007 — studies at the Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, specialty “Architecture”
2007-2013 – studies at the BNTU Faculty of Construction, specialty “Expertise and Real Estate Management”
2006-2010 — work in a company for the design and construction of houses made of glued beams. Development from a draft to a full working project for production. Position: architect-designer
2007-2009 — work in JSC Institute “Minskgrazhdanproekt”. Development of a construction project for low-rise buildings. Development of the project “Interior Design”. Position Architect
2010-2012 — work in a company for the design and production of houses made of profiled and round logs. Position: architect-designer
Development of projects abroad: Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Azerbaijan.
Since 2006 — private practice in the design of low-rise residential buildings, baths, recreation centers.
Since 2013, she has been registered as an individual entrepreneur.


Contact me

If you have any questions or want to start a dialogue, you can contact me directly using one of the following methods: email, phone, application form on the website.